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Why should I join Sports Leakers Media as a Writer?

Writers join the platform to publish journalistic articles, create top sports content and participate in the debate.


1. How do I become a writer for Sports Leakers Media?
Email us or DM us TWITTER! One of our editors will contact you and offer some direction and tips on how to start writing your first article.

2. Who can write articles on Sports Leakers Media?
Anyone can write articles, share pictures and videos, or engage in debate by commenting on articles. If you want to write a preview of your team’s next game, a commentary on their performance, or a top 10 list of your team’s best players – this is the place for you.

3. How do I pick a topic?
We have found that these topics often generate the most reads: breaking news, top 10 lists, controversial topics, team analysis, and so on. Having said that, we want you to trust your instinct and write about whatever you think will make a compelling article. In the end, it’s totally up to you.

Here are Some general guidelines are provided below with more information in Terms & Conditions and Privacy

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With that being said, We would love to have you on our team!!