Enes Kanter Believes Russell Westbrook Will Retire in OKC

Russell Westbrook had one of the best NBA seasons’ of his careers, he was the second player in history to average a triple-double after Oscar Robinson.

Now that the NBA season is over, we look forward the NBA draft and free agency. This year, there are a few potential stars who can find their way to OKC, but for now. Kanter believes his leader Westbrook will retire as the best players who ever played in OKC.

​”One thing I saw about him is he’s a loyal guy. I understand he’s from L.A. He loves L.A. He goes to L.A. every summer, but he’s a loyal player. I think he’s going to finish his career in Oklahoma City.”

For now, I believe Russell will stay in Oklahoma for a few seasons, and if things don’t workout with this crew. Westbrook will be leaving OKC if the GM cannot find players, especially shooters to help Westbrook succeed.

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