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Jay William on Kobe Bryant’s Crazy Work Ethic

Jay Willaim has a great story about Kobe Bryant insane work ethic. William played college basketball for the Blue Devils and is a former NBA players who played for the Chicago Bulls.

On his way to Staple Center, Willaim tells a story about how Bryant’s work ethic, inspired him to be a better player.


Kobe Bryant played 20 seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers, is a 5 time NBA Champion and is considered one of the best NBA players who ever played the game of basketball.

Doc Rivers Cannot Make Decisions For the Clippers

On Friday morning, ESPN reported that the Clippers head coach Doc Rivers will not be making any more decision for the team.

The Clippers owner Steve Ballmer said Lawrence Frank will oversee all basketball operations.

Below is the statement Ballmer had on why he made this move.

“I’ve owned the team for three years now, and I really better understand what an owner’s responsibility is—and it turns out that running a franchise and coaching are two enormous and different jobs. The notion that one person can fairly focus on them and give them all the attention they need isn’t the case. To be as good as we can be, to be a championship franchise, we need two functioning strong people building teams out beneath them. There needs to be a healthy discussion and debate with two strong, independent minded people.

“There are different relationships that a player needs to have with the coach and the front office. Doc put Lawrence in charge of the non-coaching aspects of the front office last year, and he’s done a fantastic job. I want each of them to dig in and do what they do best. Lawrence has come on so strong in that role, and that has helped us go down this path.”

During the offseason, L.A. has traded point guard Chris Paul to the Houston Rockets, re-signed power forward Blake Griffin and acquired small forward Danilo Gallinari in a trade.

Taj Gibson Arrested in New York City

According to TMZ, the eight-year NBA veteran allegedly made an illegal U-turn right in front of the police officer, which made them take action and pulled him over.

Just a few days ago, Gibson agreed to a two-year deal with the Minnesota Timberwolves worth $28 million. He was charged with a misdemeanor for driving a vehicle without a valid license. Gibson is due in court on September 1st in New York.

(VIDEO) LaVar Ball Fires Back at Joel Embiid

The saga continues, there is no question that Joel Embiid is tired of hearing LaVar speak everytime he is in public. After Embiid said “F*** LaVar Ball” on Instagram Live, this is what LaVar had to say.

After Embiid said “F*** LaVar Ball” on Instagram Live, this is what LaVar had to say.

Honestly, this is a joke!!! Why is a 48-year-old man going at it with a 23-year-old? Maybe both of them love attention and want everyone to speak about it.

Last year, when Embiid was healthy, he averaged 20.2 points per game, 7.8 rebounds, 2.5 blocks, and 2.1 assists. I know for sure everyone is waiting for the first game these two teams faceoff.


Jrue Holiday Agree to a 5-Year, $126 Million Contract

The 27-year-old point guard, Jrue Holiday agreed to a five-year deal with the New Orleans Pelicans on Saturday morning.

Holiday deserved the money he got paid, last year when he played with the team, they were 32-35. You might say that is a horrible record, but when he was out after a toe injury in December. The team went 2-13 without him in the lineup.

JJ Redick Agree to a 1-Year, $23 Million w/76ers

On Saturday morning, the Philadelphia 76ers reportedly agreed to a one-year, $23M deal with JJ Redick.

Redick went on Twitter to announced that he was joining the Joel Embiid and company.

Signing Redick to the 76ers can help the team with leadership and spacing out the floor. Last season with the Clippers, he averaged 15 points per game and was shooting 42.9 percent from the three.

Redick, who now is 33 years of age is looking to get paid, and why not with a team who can be fun to be with and also shape the minds of the younger players.

Timberwolves Trade Ricky Rubio to Jazz (DETAILS)

After eight long years, Timberwolves realized it was time to move on and trade Ricky Rubio’s.

According to Spencer Checketts, The Utah Jazz agreed to send the OKC first-round pick to Minnesota in exchange for Rubio.

Rubio’s has been on the trading block for quite some time now. Even though Rubio’s is one of the best passers in the NBA, he has struggled shooting the rock and let’s not mention how he is a defensive liability. After the 2017 All-Star break, he averages 16 points and 10.5 assists and shooting a surprising 42.0 percent from the floor.

Lamar Odom Calls Out ESPN, Stephen A Smith After “Crack” Comments

Lamar Odom did not finish his NBA career like we wish he would. After Odom was traded to the Mavericks, it all went downhill for the 2-times NBA Champion. He dealt with divorce, his driver hitting a kid, and drug addiction. Also, Odom has bounced back and he is doing very well, and sometimes working out in the Lakers facilities.

Nevertheless, Stephen A. Smith thought it was a good idea to use Odom and his addiction as an example of Phil Jackson bad GM skills.

After hearing this comments, Lamar Odom and his lawyer released a statement via Twitter.

We will see if ESPN or Stephen A. Smith come out and issue an apology to Lamar Odom.

Chris Paul Joins Blake Griffin in Free Agency

Just after the GOAT, Adrian Wojnarowski reported Blake Griffin was going to opt out of his contract to become a free agent. Chris Paul, the Los Angeles Clippers point guard told Brad Turner of the Los Angeles Times he was also going to decline his player option on his contract and become a free agent this summer.

The 32 -year-old point guard is eligible for a five-year, $205 million contract. He will make $35 million the first season, $38 million the second, $41 million the third, $43 the fourth and $46 million his last year, when he turns 38-years-old.

If Blake Griffin decides to stay with the Clippers, he can sign for a 5-year, $175 million. His first year he would make $30 million, second, he would make $32, $35 million his third, $37 million in the fourth and $39 million his last year.

It is unclear if Paul will resign with the Clippers, he has lead the team to the postseason all the years he has been with the team, but cannot get pass the 2nd round. As for Griffin, he should take this contract from the Clippers. He is a player who has been injured too many times in his short period of time. With that being said, he should secure his money and play for an ok organization like the Clippers.

Magic Johnson Says D’Angelo Russell Was Not A Leader

Two days before the draft, Magic made the decision of trading his 21-year-old point guard and Timofey Mozgov to the Brooklyn Nets, for Brook Lopez.

On Friday morning, Magic Johnson, the Lakers president of basketball operations, was asked about his decision to trade Russell and he did not hold anything back.

“D’Angelo is an excellent player,” Johnson said, per’s Baxter Holmes. “He has the talent to be an All-Star. We want to thank him for what he did for us. But what I needed was a leader. I needed somebody also that can make the other players better and also [somebody] that players want to play with.” 

Tough love from the greatest point guard ever, now that Russell is out of Los Angeles. Lonzo Ball has the green light to run this team. Johnson said Lonzo was the new face of the franchise and who he believes will lead them to a championship.

For Russell, I believe he will become an All-Star for the Nets. Every year, his game has grown, in his rookie season, he averages 13.2 pts, 3.4 rebs, 3.3 asts, and 1.2 stls and last year, which was his 2nd season he averages 15.6 pts, 3.5 reb, 4.8 asts, and 1.4 stls. So D’Angelo Russell will only keep growing as a player and will be able to become an All-Star in Brooklyn.