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Draymond Green Called Kevin Durant Right After Game 7 Loss

How can anyone forget the epic game 7 of the NBA Finals that the NBA Gods bless us with last year. I’m sure for the Warriors fans, it is something they would like to erase from their memory.

That night, after Game 7 loss to Cleveland, Draymond Green made the two important phone calls. The first one was to Warriors’ GM Bob Myers and told the team should pursuit Kevin Durant. Green’s second phone call was to Durant.

Now, the Warriors are leading the series 3-0 and it looks like Game 4 will be won by Golden State. If the team can keep this core together, in Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson. They have a great chance to dominate the league for the next 5-7 years. By the way, did I mention the Big 4 are all under 30 years of age.

Top Funniest Tweets About Game 1 Blowout

Finally, after waiting for a long time for the NBA finals to start, what do we get?? A Blowout!!!

The first quarter was the only time during the game that was exciting, but after the first half, it was all downhill for the Cavaliers. Kevin Durant was dominant in his first game back to the finals. KD finished with 38 points, 8 rebounds, and 8 assists. Curry added 28 points to Warriors blowout, 113-91.

And of course, we knew Twitter was going to come with the best jokes about Game 1. Below are the best tweets clowning the Cleveland Cavaliers.

To start off, Bleacher Report has ZERO chill:


But don’t worry Cavs fans, there is till hope.

Warriors Sweep Spurs, Advance to 3rd Straight Final

The Golden State Warriors are the perfect team, they are the first team to start the post season with 12 straight wins.

On Monday night, the Warriors sweep the San Antonio Spurs with a 129-115 win in Game 4. Steph Curry led the team with 36 points, 6 assists, with five 3-pointers. Kevin Durant had 29 points and 12 rebounds and Draymond Green added 16 points, 8 rebounds, and 8 assists.

There wasn’t much the Spurs could do, having Kawhi Leonard and Tony Parker out, there was not really any competition between both teams. The Warriors are the much better team and we have to recognize when we are witnessing greatness.

They will be playing the Boston Celtics or the Cleveland Cavaliers, but we all know it will be the Cavs.


Klay Thompson New Shoes Are Terrible

One thing the Warriors definitely need help in is designing sneaker shoes. For the past season, many people have made fun of Curry Under Armour signature shoe, and now Klay Thompson has joined the conversation.

Klay dropped his ANTA KT Light trainer shoes, which is a company from China.

These are Thompson third released sneaker since leaving Nike in 2015. They are not expensive, retail price is $80.

Warriors Mike Brown Almost Got Arrested Before Game 2(VIDEO)

Before Game 2, on Tuesday night, Warriors’ acting head coach Mike Brown almost got arrested entering the Oracle Arena.

Coach Brown told reporters about the incidents that happened before Game 2, it gave a good laugh to everyone and especially to Gregg Popovich.

Listen to Mike Brown and Gregg Popovich tell their side of the story:



Andre Iguodala Could Miss Game 2 (Injury)

In Game 1, Andre Iguodala played 10 minutes for the Golden State Warriors who’s won the game by two points. According to Marcus Thompson II, Igy is expected to have an MRI on Monday morning. When Coach Brown was asked about Igy playing time, he stated, that Iguodala looked just a little hobbled in the first half.

Even though he is not a huge scorer off the bench, the Warriors still need a defensive veteran player, especially on critical playoffs games. Coach Brown may have to play Matt Barnes and Ian Clark more minutes if Andre is not going to be able to play in Game 2.


We will keep you updated…

Steve Kerr Out Indefinitely With Back Issues

Steve Kerr says he won’t be on the sidelines for Game 4 on Monday against the Portland Trail Blazers.

Kerr still experiences lingering symptoms from complications following two back surgeries. Kerr said it’s possible he won’t coach again in the playoffs.

Kerr missed the first 43 games last season dealing with symptoms such as headaches, nausea and an aching neck.

“This past week for whatever reason, things got worse, and my symptoms got worse,” Kerr said Sunday.

Kerr hadn’t missed a game this season before Game 3.

We wished Kerr nothing but the best.


Steph Curry’s Precious Immunity

Stephen Curry becoming a superstar has been a gift to most NBA fans and a nightmare for many NBA players.

In an excerpt from Marcus Thompson’s Golden: The Miraculous Rise of Steph Curry, Thompson shed a fluorescent light on Steph Curry and his peers for their apparent disgust on his “overnight success” these past few days. According to Thompson, other megastars such as LeBron James and Russell Westbrook have not been fond of the level of praise and the little to no scrutiny Stephen Curry receives.

Curry, 6’3 and 190 lbs have been able to dominate basketball games in a rare form all while playing below the rim. LeBron James and Russell Westbrook are polar opposites of Steph Curry. Westbrook is about the same size as Curry but much stronger, much faster and jumps much higher and we all know LeBron James. While James and Westbrook have a similar playing style, it’s easy for them to look down upon Curry because of his finesse and boastful celebrations. Sure, it’s fun to watch Steph shoot and turn his back to the ball before it goes in but it screams arrogance. Perhaps many players feel like Curry is lucky that he’s hidden on defense and not able to defend that boastful swagger he has on the defensive end and in the same manner as the offensive end.

Russell Westbrooks issue with Steph Curry seems to be a little more like jealousy than just a simple dislike for him. Not to say Russ is envious of Steph on a personal level but the competitor in Russ is overshadowed at every turn. Steph has two MVPs with one being a unanimous decision as well as being recognized as the best player/Point guard for the last two seasons. The resurgence of Golden State in last year’s Western Conference Finals against Oklahoma City after being down 3-1, Steph then had the upper hand in beating Russ out of the starting spot in this years all star game. Oh, and then Kevin Durant shockingly joins his nemesis in Golden state. Russ’ came into the season with a chip on his shoulder and it’s not hard to see why he wouldn’t particularly admire the guy.

LeBron James, on the other hand, has been the face of the NBA since the day he was drafted. He was anointed as the Chosen One at 16 years of age and pretty much lived up to all the hype he has received. Although LeBron’s career has been in the limelight for his amazing play and dominance, he has also been the poster child for scrutiny and criticism. All the greats have dealt with a level of scrutiny in their NBA careers and then there’s Stephen Curry. Steph didn’t quite display the insane wizardry in the Finals that he displayed in the regular season. His image as the “Face of the League” was in question but was given a pass after having an injury riddled postseason. LeBron James outplayed Stephen Curry in the 2016 NBA Finals and quickly reclaimed his title as King. He also played with a “remember me” mentality to recapture the spotlight and destroy the Curry hype.

LeBron James has been the NBA’s media darling/villain for a decade plus now and the random emergence of Stephen Curry didn’t sit well with him. The constant analytical stats ESPN and other sports news outlets share became obsessive and downright annoying to The King. However, anyone that knows the media knows that if LeBron had underperformed in the Finals, he’d never see the light of day.

Though Stephen Curry has become one of the biggest NBA stars we have ever seen on and off the court, his peers want him to be held under the same microscope they’ve been held under in all of their careers.

Schedule/TV info for Game 1s of NBA playoffs

Finally, the NBA playoffs are among us and we have interested match-ups. Below is the set matchup for Game 1 of the Eastern and Western Playoffs.


  • Indiana at Cleveland, 3 p.m. ABC
  • Milwaukee at Toronto, 5:30 p.m., ESPN
  • Memphis at San Antonio 8 p.m., ESPN
  • Utah vs. LA Clippers TBD 10:30, p.m., ESPN


  • Atlanta at Washington, 1 p.m., TNT
  • Portland at Golden State, 3:30 p.m., ABC
  • Chicago at Boston, 6:30 p.m. TNT
  • Oklahoma City at Houston, 9 p.m., TNT

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Warriors are sitting a bunch of guys in San Antonio tomorrow night (Check Out Who)

Warriors are sitting guys vs the Spurs

With the absences of Kevin Durant, players like Steph and Iguodala have been stacking up minutes. So Steve Kerr announce he was going to sit out players so they can rest.


The Golden State Warriors are playing the San Antonio Spurs Saturday afternoon, a match the NBA fans were waiting for.

I don’t mind Steve Kerr benching his best players so they can get a rest, my problem is why is he sitting his best players versus a top western team. Is Steve Kerr scared? Or what’s the problem? Whatever it is, Saturday night, ABC should cancel the game and not air anything.


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